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Does your SEO suck? Have you paid money to SEO Service Providers or other Internet Marketers with little or no results? Often businesses have lost not just small amounts of money, but vast sums of money that resulted in zero ROI. Of course this applies elsewhere too, not just with internet marketing. Yellow Pages still charges LARGE amounts of money for phone book ads that will just make you a target of cold calls.  How about trying Quality Seo Services? SEO Montreal Expert is an SEO Services Agency  firm that has time for YOUR business.

Many business owners have paid thousands of dollars for Search Engine Optimization and never even sniff the first page of the search results!  Other businesses pay a small amount for empty services that provide zero or no value — this is very common. Others are sold on a whole list of services that actually do work, and look great on the surface… but don’t produce any extra revenue $$ in their pockets. There are many ways to waste money on marketing unless you find that someone who is not like the others.

SEO: Why It Is So Important For Your Website

If you are looking at having a website designed or upgraded, then you need to understand the importance of SEO.

The aim or search engine optimization is to make your website more visible to the search engines for certain keywords that accurately reflect
what your website is about. By using various techniques and methods, it means that your website will appear higher up the results pages when people carry out searches for those terms and, as a result, they will then be more likely to click on your link and see what you have to offer.

Why Placement Is So Important

We must stress the importance of placement in those results pages. Research has shown that when it comes to clicking on results
almost 75% of people will click one of the top three or four links. Out of the number of people that carry out a search for a term only
half of them will ever venture onto the second page and then only a quarter of those people will go to the third page. Anything below that
third page then becomes pointless since virtually nobody ever ventures there.

What this means for you is that you need to be on the first page of Google for your keywords or terms to really capture that organic search
market and that is why you need to hire professional SEO services.

So, What Happens?

There are various methods that can be employed and to get the best results it has to be taken on a case by case basis. This is simply because the work that is carried out is determined by factors such as the competition within that industry as well as competition with the keywords.
However, when you hire your local Montreal SEO company you know that you are in safe hands especially when it comes to local SEO, which is now becoming more important than ever before.
The work begins by looking at your website and the keywords that you wish to target. Keyword analysis is undertaken to determine the level of competition before work begins. After this, work is carried out on your website whereby the keywords are used in the correct manner to help increase your sites visibility. This is done by using something called meta tags as well as making sure that the keywords appear in image tags, headings, and appear naturally within key text.

Apart from this, there is also off-site SEO work carried out including building backlinks, article marketing, social media work, and various other techniques that helps to make sure that your website is seen as being the place to go to for your keywords. All of this takes time, but then when it comes to marketing Montreal has always been a competitive market where you need to invest time and effort into getting yourself noticed. The same applies to SEO and that is why we do not say that there will be results overnight as that is just not the case.
Instead, we use safe methods that will not result in you being punished by Google allowing you to benefit from the work we do for some time to come.
Search engine optimization can make a huge difference to your business and without it you are undoubtedly going to find that things are harder. Hire quality SEO services to deal with making you more visible and get you the traffic and clients that your business deserves.

What Does Google Think Of Your Site Right Now?

Do they hate you? Do they know you exist? Do they like you? You figure out what Google (and other search engines) thinks of you via a full On Page and Off Page Analysis.

Google Penalty
Did Your Website Suffer From a Google Penalty?

On Page Analysis consists of 4 major factors:

  • Do your page titles have the appropriate keywords in them?
  • Do you have the main keywords or slight variations within your text at least once?
  • Is the linking structure of your site set up properly?
  • How well do people respond to the look, flow and feel of your site?

There are other pieces involved, but this provides a good 5,000 foot view of where you are. This is usually the easiest stuff to fix.

Off Page Analysis consists of 4 major factors:

  • How many sites are linking to you?
  • What is Google’s opinion of the sites linking to you?
  • How relevant are the sites linking to you?
  • What text do these sites use when linking to you?

Again, there’s more involved, but you get the idea. This is difficult for you to do yourself. Frankly, most SEO experts do a poor to mediocre job of this. And that’s good news for me and my clients!

Do You Know the Steps You Need To Take?

Has your SEO Consultant provided you with an action plan overview? You should have a general plan to work with and understand that the plan is customized to your particular business situation. As new information comes in this plan can change. It doesn’t have to be the same every month. It should not start off at full blast– you need to slowly ramp up your link building. If your “SEO Expert” says he’s going to build 200 links for you every month from here to eternity… consult with someone else! Your link building should ramp up and plateau.

One Last Thought

Search Engine Optimization is about getting leads to your business. There are only two methods to achieve this: an in-house SEO employee or an expert SEO Consultant. No professional SEO Expert will be your employee. Fact. The reason? We don’t want bosses or time clocks and you can’t afford us as employees. You also don’t want us as employees.

Employees lose their motivation to stay at the cutting edge. They develop a 9-5 mentality. The motivation to provide results wanes. There are a million and one reasons an employee will provide, to explain your lack of results. A professional SEO Service Provider knows that if you do not achieve the results you desire, you will stop paying. When you can get a higher level of success for less money elsewhere, don’t burn your hard-earned dollars on an employee.


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